Philosophy Goddesses


She dances and juggles and plays the game with strategy and grace. She is the mistress of chance, daughter of Jupiter and knows how to pull strings like a master puppeteer. While the other fire signs crush the beast and tame the beast, she has the wisdom to know she can take the beast onto herself and wear him in her dance. She can help you plan your move, travel far, and can teach you to expand your mind to take the right risk at the right time. She is always ready to show you the way like Sagittarius in the Zodiac.

She is your TEACHER.

A prayer:

Donna Fortunata, teacher of the Way be my guide on life’s endless journey. Teach me and bless me with your luck and charms. Dance with me to the music of my own wisdom.



She is the clock of destiny perched on a mountaintop telling us of time. Tradition, her key, unlocks the past as her bells ring in the future. She is Saturn’s daughter, a record keeper, always on her toes, forgetting nothing. She is Daddy’s girl and has his ear as we have hers. She knows that timing is everything. If you listen, she will remind you and never let you forget where you have come from and where you are going. She stands against the winds of time like Capricorn in the Zodiac.

She is your BIG SISTER.

A prayer:

Your Royal Highness, Ringabella do not let me forget. Give me the key to unlock forgotten powers of yesterday, to understand the foundations of tomorrow. Help me climbto my goal, to hear the clock of destiny ring, to know the time is now.


She looks down from her northern lights, sending us the gift of talent on the white wings of great birds. We ask for understanding to know the responsibility that our talent requires. She answers and the answer is a gift. She carries the distaff of all our female ancestors giving the best directions, the newest way of thinking, and always waiting like a magnet for our gratitude. Goodness and unconditional love flow from her like the healing waters of Aquarius in the Zodiac.

She is your GRANDMOTHER.

A prayer:

Gifta the North Star of Who We Are, help me accept my gifts and talents, to know them, to use them, to bring them to the light. Give me directions. I give you thanks.



Here is the loss of ego, the revelation of love, our goddess of compassion. She opens herself and shows and solves the mysteries of life. Her symbols of Eastern Buddhism, of Western Christianity, and of veiled Islam are indicative of the past Piscean Era when her power of untangling finally solved the mystery of the DNA chain. She wears the shells of ancient female symbology, cloaks of surrender and acceptance. All is forgiven, all is understood, and all is ready to be born again through the process of a dream like Pisces in the Zodiac.

She is your DAUGHTER TO BE.

A prayer:

Dreama, the Untangler of Chains, Goddess of Compassion and Unexpected Understanding, help

me solve the puzzle of myself before I fall apart, and at the moment of my revelation, deliver me to a new beginning,

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